Future Releases Will Have…

Future Releases Will Have:

  • Data compression for files
  • Auto updater
  • Technic launcher … Work in progress
  • Feed The Beast launcher … Work in progress
  • Compiling to single exe (launcher) ✓
  • Compiling to single exe (whole program)
  • Mac compatibility
  • Automatically changing amount of memory it uses (or import from .txt file) ✓
  • Anything you want? Post below!

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2 thoughts on “Future Releases Will Have…

    1. PantherMan594

      That’s fine. I just need to add something to the batch file. But thanks anyways. The only problem with the technic launcher is that there would have to be two folders in the data folder. However, I would like to see your version. You could either email or link the file.



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